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Volkswagen Coolant Fluid Exchange in St. Louis

Your Volkswagen operates under an ever-changing variety of harsh conditions, which makes taking care of your engine’s cooling system a critical task. One of the best ways to keep your cooling system in good health is through our coolant fluid exchange service at Suntrup Volkswagen. Count on our team of knowledgeable and qualified service technicians to give your VW the fresh coolant fluid it needs, along with our extensive line of automotive maintenance and repair services. A scheduled coolant exchange will help prevent overheating and other problems caused by a poorly maintained cooling system.

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Why Does My VW Need a Coolant Fluid Exchange?

Your Volkswagen’s cooling system gives the engine and other heat-generating components a way to dissipate excess heat. To achieve this, your VW relies on a steady flow of coolant fluid pumped through various engine passages via the water pump to gather excess heat. The coolant fluid then flows through the radiator, where airflow provided by the engine fans blow away the excess heat and cool the fluid. The engine coolant fluid isn’t meant to last forever; however, it will require an exchange at the intervals recommended in your VW owner’s manual.

How Often Should I Check or Exchange My Coolant Fluid?

You should have your coolant fluid checked every 15,000 miles or whenever you have your VW brought in for other regularly scheduled services. We recommend exchanging the coolant fluid every 30,000 miles or two years, whichever comes first. For more detailed information, consult your VW owner’s manual or turn to one of our service technicians here at Suntrup Volkswagen.

What Happens If I Neglect My Engine Coolant?

With enough time and use, the fluid can break down and lose its heat-transferring and anti-freeze properties. It can also collect gunk and debris that could potentially lodge itself in various coolant passages, resulting in poor cooling performance and other cooling system issues. Chances are you’ll need an engine coolant exchange if it’s experiencing the following issues:

  • Coolant leaks when the vehicle is running
  • Low coolant level light is on
  • Temperature gauge reads higher than normal or moves toward the red
  • Coolant odors coming from the engine
Volkswagen Coolant Fluid Exchange

Why Turn to Suntrup Volkswagen for Service

Your VW deserves world-class service with capable technicians you trust. Whether you’re in Sappington, Fenton, Concord or Mehlville, the experts at Suntrup Volkswagen are more than happy to tackle your VW repair and maintenance needs. Call us or schedule your next engine coolant fluid exchange today.


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