Volkswagen Alignment Services

At Suntrup Volkswagen, we’re here to help you get your tires back into alignment with our alignment services.

Certified Volkswagen Wheel Alignment Services in St. Louis, MO

Your wheels are designed to be able to move, but only in certain directions. Despite the best efforts of manufacturers everywhere, car wheels can move out of the proper alignment due to them having the capacity to move and turn. This can lead to unfortunate consequences; the most pressing is that you’ll wear through your tires much faster and have to buy new tires more often. At Suntrup Volkswagen, we’re here to help you get your tires back into alignment with our alignment services.

What Alignment Services We Make Available to You

Poor wheel alignment can not only make your tires wear out, but it can also make you lose some directional control of your vehicle. Whether it’s drift when you’re going straight or the risk of a tire giving out, we want to reduce the safety issues that misalignment presents. We’ve outlined the wheel alignment services we provide below:

  • Two-wheel Alignment – 2WD vehicles have two wheels that move and two that don’t. The moving wheels will need alignment services, but the other two are held by a fixed axle, keeping them at the right angles.
  • Wheel Alignment Checks – Checking your wheel alignment allows you to stay on top of the alignment and know when it needs to be modified. Our technicians use high-tech cameras to give you an accurate idea of the angles at which your car’s wheels sit.
  • Four-Wheel Alignment – 4WD vehicles can turn all four wheels, making them vulnerable to misalignment. We’ll make sure all your wheels are at the right angles when we perform a four-wheel alignment.
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Volkswagen Alignment Services

Only Certified Technicians Take Care of Your Volkswagen

We know you love your Volkswagen, and we want to help you take as good care of it as possible. That’s why we have Volkswagen-certified experts working on your car. Our technicians have worked and studied to be fully certified not only in car repair and service but in Volkswagen repair and service, so you know you’re getting the best service and repair possible at the hands of our experts.

Visit Suntrup Volkswagen for Your Wheel Alignment

Our wheel alignment services are available to every Volkswagen driver in St. Louis, including Sappington, Concord, Mehlville, Fenton, and other places. We’re the premier provider of certified Volkswagen services in the area, so we invite you to find out just how good certified service can be. You can use our online scheduler to set up your appointment today!

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